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Who is?

Bramalea City Centre (BCC) is an exciting and vibrant shopping centre. It first opened on March 28, 1973. Through various renovations over the years, it currently sits at over 1.443 million square feet of retail space making it now the 7th largest shopping centre in Canada and the 4th in Ontario.


With recent renovations completed, our goal was to deliver marketing communications that would help elevate the BCC brand. It was important that our efforts  reflect the newly added stores and that we attract additional consumers in the region who were leaving Brampton to shop elsewhere. As part of this project we reviewed all levels of the consumer experience and identified key area’s for improvement.

Services Used:

  • Discovery
  • Brand Identity Adjustments (colour palette)
  • Wayfinding/Hoarding
  • Advertising (Online and Print)
  • Gift Services Enhancements; Directories, Brand Ambassador Pins
  • Consulting Services; Creative Direction/Strategy for NEW website and social media efforts
  • UX Strategy (business requirements, client requirements & user requirements)
  • UX Design (visual design consultation, production for design implementation)
  • UX Construction (testing)
  • Creative Direction/Production for Spring Trend Report
  • Copywriting
  • Photoshoot Product Sourcing