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Who is?

Panl is an application that allows IT professionals to monitor their systems off-site. The software is fully customizable for each environment and provides users with easy access to both identifying potential risks and solving issues while off site.


The founders came to us realizing they needed to evolve the Panl brand. They had effectively launched their App and website and had experienced some success in the marketplace but, they understood that Panl was a key product in a growing and competitive market and that enhancements to the UX were crucial to the success of their product and company. Our objective was to work hand-in-hand with Panl R&D and marketing to improve upon their brand identity and to complete a full overhaul of their software and website UX.

Services Used:

  • Discovery
  • Brand Identity
  • UX Strategy (business requirements, client requirements & user requirements)
  • UX Design (information design, interaction design & visual design)