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Who is?

Body Harmonics is a Toronto-based wellness studio specializing in Pilates, Integrated health, and Pilates Teacher Training.


Body Harmonics launched over 10 years ago offering Pilates classes as private sessions.  They later evolved their services to include teacher training. Recently, they decided to broaden their services even further by providing their clientele with integrated health clinic services. The three areas were very disjointed and we needed to create a consistent brand platform that was unified both in messaging and visual identity.

Services Used:

  • Discovery
  • Brand Identity System (logo, colour palette, iconography, imagery style)
  • Stationary (business cards, appointment cards, letterhead)
  • Marketing Collateral Design/Production (brochures/Sales tools)
  • Training Material Design/Production (Manuals, worksheets, test sheets, policies)
  • UX Strategy (business requirements, client requirements & user requirements)
  • UX Design (information design, interaction design & visual design)
  • UX Construction (experience & development)
  • Wayfinding and signage
  • Exhibit Display Design
  • Product Sourcing and corporate gifting